Art Glass Awards & Gifts

Kusak Crystal has a deep European heritage and works with the finest Czech artisans to bring you these exclusive pieces.

If you want to move beyond traditional trophies for your next awards occasion, art glass awards and vases are stunning tokens of recognition that make a memorable impact. They're also great for gifts for special occasions. Art glass award trophies look and feel elegant, and custom sand-carving gives the hand blown art crystal a personal & memorable touch.

Art Glass Awards & Gifts

Our exclusive assortment of designs from Kusak Crystal represents several different techniques in the uses of color and design in hand blown art glass. Kusak Crystal has spend years searching to find only the finest Art Glass designers and factories in the Czech Republic. We have worked closely with each of the companies and artisans and have created the most powerful array of designs and colors in concert with the time honored tradition of the Czech Glass industry. Together Kusak Crystal and the Czech glass artists have created this extraordinary art glass collection.

Bohemia, currently a part of the Czech Republic, became famous for its beautiful and colorful glass during the Renaissance. The history of Bohemian glass started with the abundant natural resources found in the countryside. In the 16th century the term Bohemian crystal was used to distinguish its qualities from glass made elsewhere. The Czech Republic has a centuries long history of being internationally recognized for its high quality, craftsmanship, beauty and often innovative designs. Hand-cut, engraved, blown and painted decorative. Czech glassware became as prestigious as jewellery and is sought-after by the wealthy and the aristocracy.

Look at each design: Centrum, Seaside, Universe and moreā€¦ each different yet full of color with unique designs. The collections comes with a wonderful choice of both colors, sizes and shapes. All can will be personalized for your special event and filled either with gold or silver for the sand carved engraving. Treasures for a life time.

We are proud to have you select Kusak Crystal for your special awards and know our quality and service will never be surpassed.

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