Berlin Series

Honor your championship winners with a stunning collection of custom trophies from Kusak Crystal Awards. Shop our prestigious & exclusive Berlin Series. This beautiful crystal design was originally cut in the mid 1800's in America. Kusak Crystal reintroduced this design over 70 years ago for hearth and home. In the early 1980s we modified each piece to add a open window for engraving, with this we were able to personalize each piece with club logos and achievement levels. The joyful part of this is each level of expertise receives the very same quality of award whether the champion or the flight winner regardless of size.

This regal design captures the power of the universe as the design showcases a bursting star,. It is highlighted by rich diamond cut designed to add sparkle and fire to each piece. The cuts are all hand cut on hand blown lead crystal, some of the nicest production ever produced. Each piece is a treasure to be enjoyed and celebrated for your achievement of excellence. Each of these special awards was designed by Kusak crystal with special help from the Czechoslovakia crystal artisans whom they share 100s of years of excellence, and make our designs come to life. Congratulations for reaching the top.