Crystal Repairs - Glassware, Vases, etc.

We accept repairs year round during our regular business hours.

Most commonly, we repair chipped rims on glasses in which we smooth down and grind out the top so the glass looks as good as possible. We repair hundreds of pieces of crystal a year so please feel free to bring in your pieces for us to take a look at.

We need to see your piece in person to give you an exact estimate. Our expert repair staff have a combined total of over 80 years of restoring and fixing your crystal and glassware.

If you live outside of the Seattle or Puget Sound region, please feel free to email a picture of your items to It is best to see in-person, but this will give you an idea as to cost and if it can be fixed.

Repairs of glass rims start at $15, but and exact estimate will be provided when we see the piece.

Every piece of crystal and glass that we sell at Kusak Cut Glass Works is considered to be heirloom quality - that is, with proper care and maintenance our products should easily last for generations to come.   If you need help restoring your existing family heirloom pieces to their original sparkle and beauty - please let us know and we will do our best to help!