Berlin Crystal Bud Vase

$ 62.50

Berlin Footed Bud Vase - a stunning, deep cut European leaded crystal vase.   The quality and craftsmanship in these vases is absolutely delightful  - as they sparkle in the bright sunlight of summer, or while under a candlelit dinner in the midst of winter.

The smallest vase is perfect for single-flower arrangements around the house, while the larger vase can accommodate a small bouquet.    These make the perfect adornment for small settings, or to line table as a series of centerpieces.   These small vases are particularly well suited for dinner parties - their diminutive size brings glamour to the table, and yet are not too large to obstruct conversations of guests so may be left in place during the meal.

For a truly unique gift, please inquire about custom-engraving the foot of the vase.   Creation of one-of-a-kind, personalized glass pieces is our specialty, and we can inscribe dates, monograms, or short messages on the foot of the vase.

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