Kusak's Once in 100 Years Crystal and Glass Vintage Sale March 18, 2015 01:02

Vintage Crystal Sale - Kusak Cut Glass Works

At Kusak Cut Glass Works, we are pleased to announce our upcoming  Once in 100 Years, Crystal and Glass Vintage Sale that will be held at our Seattle showroom from Thursday March 19 throughSaturday March 28.   .

During the sale, we will be offering visitors to our Seattle store with extended hours:

  • Monday-Saturday:  9am-5pm
  • Sunday: 11am-4pm

Our showroom glass gallery and basement will feature many one-of-a-kind crystal and glass treasures at discounted prices.   We are offering 1/3 off chandeliers, 15% off all showroom items, and custom-priced discounts for one-of-a-kind and vintage glass pieces in our basement. 

We couldn't be more excited to open this collection with our friends and customers, and share many of the beautiful pieces of glass art that the we have collected over the years.    Thanks to Kris our basement product displays are looking amazing - below is a quick preview of our setup.

Our dear friend Karen over at Cooking Gluten Free also did an amazing blog post about the upcoming sale:

We can't thank Karen enough for her thoughtful and comprehensive write-up about our sale and our company history:  customers and friends like Karen are what have made our more than century-long journey at Kusak's an amazing and beautiful one...

We look forward to seeing you at our once-in-a-lifetime, 100 Year Crystal & Glass Vintage Sale - starting this Thursday!

Basement preview: 2015 Kusak