Busy Week - So How About Some Vintage (Cold War) Lead Cut Crystal? April 02, 2015 00:44

Thanks again to our many dear friends and customers that joined us for our spring heirloom crystal sale.   

The sale and its follow-ups have kept us busy at Kusak Cut Glass works - so unfortunately we haven't had much time to invest on Twitter or the blog.    However, we thought that we'd pause for a few moments and pass along a couple beautiful shots of some stunning vintage crystal.

These particular wine glasses are hand-blown, hand-cut lead crystal wine glasses.   Not for sale, but part of our personal heirloom collection:

If you look closely, the manufacturer's seal can still be seen on one of the glasses - with point-of-manufacture being West Germany.

Check out the details on the hand-cut stem and cuts around the foot of the base....   this is absolutely stunning glass craftsmanship at its best.   

There is nothing better than holding a piece like this in your hand, feeling the weight of the heavy glass, and marveling at the sturdy brilliance of the deep cut crystal...   Indeed, there's no finer way to enjoy a glass of wine.

And when we say these are part of our heirloom collection - yes - that means that we actually still drink out of these glasses - quite regularly, in fact.   After all, fine crystal is meant to be enjoyed - and these beauties are some of our favourites....   :-)