Kusak Heirloom Glass Sale - 100+ Years of Wonderful Friends and Amazing Customers March 23, 2015 01:14

We were delighted to see many new and familiar faces at our sale over the weekend:  after 100 years working with fine glassware, it is still always a pleasure meeting with our customers to exchange stories and share our passion for beautiful things made of crystal and glass.

We are excited have our first ever Twitter account set up - and learned that one of our own long-time inspirations, and Chanticleer Society founder,'Drinkboy' Robert Hess (@DrinkBoy) is a fan of our scotch glasses...   wow!

It was also a treat to see our dear friend, and expert Mixologist/Chef Kathy Casey (@KathyCaseyChef )  drop by our showroom too....   Not only is Kathy a culinary and mixology thought leader and inspiring food blogger, but we admire her civic leadership and involvement in the Seattle community.   Thank you Kathy!

What an honor to be recognized by such recipe masters - we are truly flattered!   :-)

And aside from meeting with wonderful friends and customers we still have our once-in-a-lifetime sale going on through Saturday, March 28.  

Check out these limited edition, hand-cut, stonewheel-engraved crystal cordial glasses available from our basement archives:

 crystal cordial glasses

All stonewheel engraved patterns are based on premium European-imported glass with patterns hand-cut in the U.S.A. - right here in Seattle in our Rainier Valley workshop by our family of glasscutting artists .  

Availability in all styles is limited, so we offer a 3-pack 'variety' set of hand cut crystal cordial glasses for online sales.    If you come check out our showroom in-person, you will see that we have a huge variety of patterns, and will be offering amazing sale prices during our sale.

Also, check out this one of a kind, beautiful European imported Star and Eye Vase that we sold over the weekend:   (note: no longer available in purple) 

Tragically, the European factory that produced these beautiful handmade, hand cut vases went out of business more than a decade ago;   so glass like this is only available through vintage or collector sales.   Quantities are extremely limited, so please inquire for availability in sizes and colors.

We have many more beautiful treasures that we'd like to share online, but in the meantime, we have our sale and delightful customers to attend to, so please watch for future blog posts about our many rare and one-of-a-kind pieces.

In the meantime, thanks to friends like Kathy, Robert, and all of our dear customers who have already made this first spring sale of our new century a magnificent one...